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Vertical 5.5kW Mining Dust Collector , Bag Filter Cartridge Machine

Vertical 5.5kW Mining Dust Collector , Bag Filter Cartridge Machine

  • Vertical 5.5kW Mining Dust Collector , Bag Filter Cartridge Machine
Vertical 5.5kW Mining Dust Collector , Bag Filter Cartridge Machine
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: JINMA
Model Number: Bag filter
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: US$ 4000-30000/piece
Packaging Details: Standard shipping packaging
Delivery Time: one month
Payment Terms: T/T
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Detailed Product Description
Certification: ISO9001 Type: Bag Filter
Name: Vertical 5.5kW Mining Dust Collector , Bag Filter Cartridge Machine Purpose: Beneficiation
Attributes: Mining Machine Installation Method: Vertical
Operation Type: Automatic Medium Material: Natural Fiber
Ventilator Power: 5.5kW 7.5kW 15kW
High Light:

5.5kW Mining Dust Collector


5.5kW Bag Filter Cartridge Machine


ISO9001 Bag Filter Cartridge Machine

Vertical 5.5kW Mining Dust Collector , Bag Filter Cartridge Machine



The dust remover is a method to get rid of the filter medium by blowing compressed air (bag or cartridge) attached to the dust; according to the size of dust collector for machines may have several groups of pulse valve, a pulse controller or PLC control, every time a group of pulse valve to remove dust it controls part of the bag or filter the cylinder, while the other bag or cartridge work, for a long time after the next set of pulse valve open, clean up the part of the dust remover is composed of a hopper, on the box, in the box and a lower box part, and the box section structure. When the dust laden gas into the hopper by the air inlet duct, coarse dust particles directly into the bottom of the ash bucket, fine dust particles with the air flow turning upward into the middle and lower box, dust deposition on the surface of the filter bag, the gas after filtered into the box on the net to set gas pipe exhaust duct, the exhaust fan to exhaust the atmosphere. The cleaning process is to cut off the air outlet duct of the room first, so that the cloth bag in the room is in the state of no air flow through the air. Then open the pulse valve with compressed air pulse jet cleaning, shut-off valve closing time to ensure in the blowing dust bag after stripped from the settlement to avoid the dust in the hopper, and then with the air from the surface of the filter bag attached to adjacent set bag surface phenomenon, make the bag cleaning thoroughly, and the programmable program control instrument on the valve and exhaust valve, pulse discharging valve and automatic control of the whole. The dusty gas enters from the air inlet, through the hopper, part of the large dust particles in gas by inertial force and gravity separated directly into the bottom of the ash bucket. Bag filter dust containing gas through an area after entering in the box, the gas passes through the filter bag dust is blocked in the outer surface of the bag, the gas after purification filter bag into the box, then the air is discharged by the air outlet


Principle overview
Dust-containing gas enters the dust collector through the air inlet, and the direction of the air flow changes after passing through the steering device. Large particles of dust fall into the ash hopper due to inertia, and the dust-containing airflow that changes direction continues to enter the filter room. 
The dust is blocked and attached to the surface of the filter bag; the clean gas is removed from the upper part through the air outlet under the action of the induced draft fan. 
◎RFS series bag dust collector can be used with R-type Raymond mill, which effectively solves the residual air dust removal and the dust removal efficiency reaches 99%. 


Range of use
It is widely used in dust collection systems in metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, electric power, building materials, cement and other industries. 

Name Vertical 5.5kW Mining Dust Collector, Bag Filter Cartridge Machine
Keyword Mining Dust Collector
Model Bag Filter Machine

Technical parameter

Handling air volume(m/h)   1120-5600 1800-9360 400-20000
Resistance (mmH:O)   80-300 80-300 80-300
Filter area(m2)   39 66 140
Number of filer bags   24 40 72
Dust removal eficiency(%)   >99.5 >99.5 >99.5
Ash bucket volume(mP)   1 1.5 2.6
Dust cllector weigh(t)   2 2.5 4
Model   4-72-11NO.4A 4-72-11NO.4A 4-72-1 INO.5A
Ventilator Power (kW)   5.5 7.5 15
Speed(r/min)   2900 2900 2900

Company introduction

Tangshan Mine Machinery Factory is a specialized manufacturer that produces complete sets of equipment for metallurgy, mining, building materials, environmental protection, as well as the design and manufacture of complete sets of sand and gravel materials, and the design and manufacture of dry tailings discharge. The company was founded in 1971 and turned into a joint-stock enterprise in 1997.


The company occupies more than 50 acres, with total assets of 90 million yuan and more than 200 employees, including 96 engineering and technical personnel.


Various processing and testing equipment: 8 meters, 5 meters, 4 meters vertical lathes, 8 meters, 5 meters, 3.15 meters gear hobbing machine, 6 meters planer, precision boring machine, medium frequency quenching and other larger processing equipment and automatic welding, ultrasonic welding More than 300 sets of flaw detectors, W15-23 material testing machines, aging vibration devices, etc.


The main products are: various models and specifications of Jinma brand crushers, ball mills, classifiers, magnetic separators, dewatering screens, linear screens, screening machines, feeders, vertical roller mills, etc.

Among them, 17 products have obtained national patents. Among them, the crusher and ball mill have won many national honors.

The products are sold all over the country and exported to Russia, Mongolia, South Korea, Chile and other international markets.


We are a member of the China Heavy Machinery Association, a member of the Crushing and Grinding Association, a member of the Mining Machinery Association, and a member of the China Building Materials Machinery Association. We have participated in the formulation of a number of equipment manufacturing standards.


The company's principles are: First-class talents, First-class management, First-class machine, First-class quality, First-class honor.


Sincerely hope to reach friendly cooperation with you.

FAQ to save your precious time!

Q1: Hi, are you a mining machinery manufacturer?
Answer: Yes, we are a professional manufacturer of mining machine. Our company welcomes customers to visit our factory at any time.

Q2: How long is the warranty period of your equipment? Does your company provide spare parts?
Answer: The warranty period of our machine is one year. For those wearing parts, we guarantee to provide high-quality parts for a long time.

Q3: How long does it take to deliver?

Answer: Production usually starts after receiving the advance payment. Small machine is guaranteed to be delivered within one month. Large-scale machine is guaranteed to be delivered within 2-3 months.

Q4: Do you provide machine operation guidance?

Answer: Yes. We have professional engineers for installation, commissioning and operation guidance.

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