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Energy Saving Indispensable Agitating Tank In Flotation Operation

Energy Saving Indispensable Agitating Tank In Flotation Operation

  • Energy Saving Indispensable Agitating Tank In Flotation Operation
Energy Saving Indispensable Agitating Tank In Flotation Operation
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Y&X
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: Agitating Tank
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD $25600
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
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Detailed Product Description
Production Name: High Efficiency Agitating Tank In Ore Dressing Attributes: Mining Machine
Application: Ore Processing Range Of Use: Flotation
Advantage: Low Cost Feature: Flotation Operations In Ferrous
High Light:

energy saving agitating tank


indispensable agitating tank


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Energy Saving Indispensable Agitating Tank Used in Flotation Operation


Principle overview

The stirring tank is used to stir the ore pulp before the flotation operation, so that the ore particles are suspended and fully mixed with the chemical agent, creating conditions for the separation operation. At the same time, it can also be used for similar slurry and reagent mixing in environmental protection sewage treatment, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries.


The stirring tank is an indispensable equipment in the flotation production process. According to different purposes, it can be divided into four types: pulp mixing tank, mixing storage tank, lifting mixing tank and reagent mixing tank.




The slurry stirring tank is used for stirring the slurry before the flotation operation, so that the ore particles are suspended and fully contacted with the chemical agent, creating conditions for the separation operation. It can also be used as pre-desilication tank, post-digestion tank, washing tank, seed crystal separation tank in alumina production, and similar operations in other industrial production.


The agitation storage tank is used for slurry mixing and storage, not only for the concentrator, but also for other industrial production departments. When the black and non-ferrous metal concentrate slurry and coal slurry are transported by pipeline, large stirred storage tanks are also required.

The lifting agitation tank has both stirring and lifting functions, and the lifting height can reach 1.2m. This kind of equipment can be selected when the equipment configuration causes insufficient slurry gravity height difference, or the difference is small and it is not suitable for pumping.

Reagent agitation tank is used for preparation of various reagents in flotation plant. Due to the different properties of reagents, the materials and structures of mixing tanks are also different. At present, there is no finalized series of products for the special acid and alkali resistant reagent mixing tank.


Range of use

Suitable for classification, dehydration and concentration operation of different material particle sizes.

Name Low cost and High Efficiency Agitating Tank In Ore Dressing
Attributes Mining Equipment 
Model Flotation





Type Model and specification Tank Impeller Motor powe
Overall dimensions
(flat bottom)
Diameter Depth Volume Diameter Speed L×W×H
(mm) (mm) (m3) (mm) (r/min) (mm)
Pulp agitation tank XB-1000×1000 Ф1000 1000 0.58 Ф240 530 1.1 1131×1130×1497 436
XB-1500×1500 Ф1500 1500 2.2 Ф400 320 3 1752×1692×2186 1083
XB-2000×2000 Ф2000 2000 5.46 Ф550 230 5.5 2405×2372×2930 1671
XB-2500×2500 Ф2500 2500 11.2 Ф650 280 18.5. 3036×2716×3543 3438
XB-3000×3000 Ф3000 3000 19.1 Ф700 210 18.5 3604×3216×4250 4613
XB-3500×3500 Ф3500 3500 27.7 Ф900 240 30 3780×3580×4841 7099
XB-4000×4000 Ф4000 4000 50 Ф1000 210 45 4260×4060×5470 9761
High concentration agitation tank XBN-1000×1000 Ф1000 1000 0.58 Ф400 530 5.5 1264×1112×1701 654
XBN-1500×1500 Ф1500 1500 2.2 Ф500 280 11 1870×1870×2710 2210
XBN-2000×2000 Ф2000 2000 5.46 Ф650 240 15 2330×2030×3010 2985
XBN-3000×3000 Ф3000 3000 19.1 Ф700 210 22 3604×3032×3980 5660
XBN-4000×4000 Ф4000 4000 46 Ф1000 121.6 30 4490×4190×5219 8080
Lifting agitation tank CXB-1000×1500 Ф1000 1500 1 Ф350 502 5.5 1536×1136×2350 990
CXB-1500×1800 Ф1500 1800 3 Ф450 400 7.5 2096×1680×2771 1665
CXB-2000×2300 Ф2000 2300 7.5 Ф550 353 18.5 2686×2220×3600 3400
CXB-2500×2500 Ф2500 2500 11.2 Ф650 346 22 3188×2627×3782 3666
CXB-3000×3000 Ф3000 3000 21.3 Ф750 300 37 3688×3127×4448 4983
CXB-3500×3500 Ф3500 3500 21.3 Ф750 300 45 3980×3580×4970 7039
CXB-4000×4000 Ф4000 4000 42 Ф850 260 45 4480×4080×5381 10450
Reagent agitation tank RJB-500×600 Ф500 600 0.094 Ф200 493 0.55 600×566×954 140
RJB-750×750 Ф750 750 0.25 Ф240 530 1.5 850×838×1300 297
RJB-1000×1000 Ф1000 1000 0.7 Ф250 530 1.5 1162×1250×1678 490
RJB-1500×1500 Ф1500 1500 2.3 Ф380 320 2.2 1812×1730×2425 1076
RJB-2000×2000 Ф2000 2000 5.46 Ф570 230 4 2244×2600×2978 2112
  RJB-3000×3000 Ф3000 3000 19.1 Ф700 210 15 3256×3056×4077 5864
  RJB-3500×3500 Ф3500 3500 30 Ф850 230 22 3780×3580×4841 6498




Company introduction


Tangshan Mine Machinery Factory is a specialized manufacturer producing sets of equipment for metallurgy, mining, building materials, environmental protection, as well as the design and production of complete sets of sand and gravel materials, as well as the design and production of discharge dry waste. The company was founded in 1971 and turned into a joint stock company in 1997.

Various machining and testing equipment: 8 meters, 5 meters, 4 meters vertical lathe, 8 meters, 5 meters, 3.15 meters gear cutting machine, 6 meters planer, precision boring machine, frequency quenching equipment medium and other larger processing equipment and automatic welding, ultrasonic welding More than 300 sets of defect detectors, W15-23 material testing machines, aging vibration equipment, etc.


The main products are: Jinma brand crushers, ball mills, classifiers, magnetic separators, dehydration screens, linear screens, screening machines, feeders, vertical mills, etc. of various models and specifications.


Among them, 17 products have obtained national patents. Among them, the crusher and ball mill have won many national honors.




FAQ to save your precious time!


Q1: Hi, are you a mining machinery manufacturer?
Answer: Yes, we are a professional manufacturer of mining machine. Our company welcomes customers to visit our factory at any time.

Q2: How long is the warranty period of your equipment? Does your company provide spare parts?
Answer: The warranty period of our machine is one year. For those wearing parts, we guarantee to provide high-quality parts for a long time.

Q3: How long does it take to deliver?

Answer: Production usually starts after receiving the advance payment. Small machine is guaranteed to be delivered within one month. Large-scale machine is guaranteed to be delivered within 2-3 months.

Q4: Do you provide machine operation guidance?

Answer: Yes. We have professional engineers for installation, commissioning and operation guidance.

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