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Chamber Type Plate 15kw Filter Press Equipment For Oil Extraction

Chamber Type Plate 15kw Filter Press Equipment For Oil Extraction

  • Chamber Type Plate 15kw Filter Press Equipment For Oil Extraction
Chamber Type Plate 15kw Filter Press Equipment For Oil Extraction
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: JINMA
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: Filter Press
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: US$ 2000-30000/piece
Packaging Details: Standard shipping packaging
Delivery Time: one month
Payment Terms: T/T
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Detailed Product Description
Type: Filter Press Name: Programmed 1500 Filter Press Equipment , Frame And Plate Filter Press
Purpose: Gold Mine Attributes: Mining Machine
Keyword: Frame And Plate Filter Press Motor Power: 5.5kw - 15kw
Filter Plate: Chamber Type Filter Area(m2): 220
High Light:

filter press equipment 15kw


chamber type plate filter press equipment

Filter Press For Oil Extraction China Manufactured Price


Filter press consist of frame, filter plate, pressing system(manual, mechanical or hydraulic ) and electric control cabinet.

Frame consists of base, push plate and girder and supports the pressing device and filter plates.

Filter plates are installed on girder between tail plate and push plate, with filter cloth sandwiched in them.

In operation, the pressing device(cylinder piston rod or screw ) drives the push plate to press the filter plates and filter cloth between push plate and tail plate. Filter chambers are formed between pressed filter plates and material get in to The filter chambers through the feeding port in tail plate. Solid particles are trapped in filter chambers form into cakes, while liquid is discharged out of the tail Plate. In similar manner, to drying the press cakes, compressed air can be introduced through the washing port.

Plate and frame type filter-Press is the same as recessed plate filter press in structure, except the filtering part that consists of one plate, one frame and filter cloth, with filter chamber between plate and frame.

Liquid stream of filter press can be divided into external stream and internal stream. External stream refers to that the filtrate is discharged directly from outlet port of filter plate; Internal stream refers to that the filtrate from various filter plate is collected before being discharged out of the filtrate port.


The filter mechanism is composed of a filter plate, a filter frame, a filter cloth, and a squeeze diaphragm. Both sides of the filter plate are covered by filter cloth. When a squeeze diaphragm is required, a set of filter plates is composed of a diaphragm plate and a side plate. The two sides of the base plate of the diaphragm plate are covered with rubber diaphragms, the outside of the diaphragm is covered with filter cloth, and the side plates are ordinary filter plates. The material enters each filter chamber from the feed hole on the thrust plate, and the solid particles are trapped in the filter chamber because the particle size is larger than the pore size of the filter medium (filter cloth), and the filtrate flows out from the outlet hole under the filter plate. When the filter cake needs to be squeezed dry, in addition to pressing with a diaphragm, compressed air or steam can also be used to pass through the washing port, and the airflow will wash away the water in the filter cake to reduce the moisture content of the filter cake.


Technical characteristics
•The filter plate is made of reinforced polypropylene, molded at high temperature, and then processed by professional precision equipment. The formed filter plate has high strength, good airtightness, light weight, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and odorless, and meets the relevant sanitary standards.
•The equipment has a high degree of automation, with hydraulic cylinders compressing, maintaining pressure, compensating pressure, feeding, returning, and filter plate loosening and unloading cakes. The entire process is fully automated without manual phased operation.
• Filtration method: The maximum filtration pressure of the feed filter pressure tested by the professional department should not be greater than 0.6MPa. Using within the specified pressure range, it can not only ensure the best performance of the filter press and the supporting filter media, but also enable the equipment And the filter medium (filter cloth) life cycle is maximized.
•Safety device: The filter press is equipped with a variety of protective devices when automatic operation is realized to prevent the misoperation of the filter press from over-pressure and over-limit.

product type
• The products are divided into two types: ordinary filter press and fully enclosed filter press.
• Normal type means that the filter cloth is covered on the surface of the filter plate, and the sealing surface is sealed by the filter cloth;
•Fully enclosed means that there are grooves on the sealing surface of the filter plate. The filter cloth and rubber sealing strip are embedded in it. This high sealing performance prevents the capillary leakage of the filter cloth during filtration.

Scope of application
Mining, metallurgy, chemical, environmental protection, food, pharmaceutical, textile printing and dyeing, profile manufacturing, wine making and other industries.

Name Programmed 1500 Filter Press Equipment , Frame And Plate Filter Press
Model Frame And Plate Filter Press
Attributes Mining Equipment
Technical parameters Work length700mm,Max length 850mm Tank diameter φ320mmx2,press strength 20MPa-25MPa
Filter area(m2) Number of filter plates Thickness of filter plates (mm) Filter chamber volume(m3) Total weight(kg) Base size(mm) Dimension(mm)
Length Width Height
220 57 30 3.36 16900 5840 7520 2400 1850
250 65 30 3.83 18050 6430 8180 2400 1850
300 77 30 4.52 19700 7270 8920 2400 1850
350 91 30 15.15 21600 8250 9900 2400 1850
400 103 30 6.03 23200 9090 10740 2400 1850
450 117 30 6.84 25200 10070 11720 2400 1850
500 129 30 7.54 26800 10910 12560 2400 1850
Nornmal filter flat:Input pressure below 1.0MPa,Tempreture -5° -80c Material of filter flat:Strengthened polypropylene
Strengthed flat :Input pressure below 1.2MPa, Tempreture -5.~120. Material of filter flat:Reinforced polypropylene

Company introduction

Tangshan Mine Machinery Factory is a specialized manufacturer that produces complete sets of equipment for metallurgy, mining, building materials, environmental protection, as well as the design and manufacture of complete sets of sand and gravel materials, and the design and manufacture of dry tailings discharge. The company was founded in 1971 and turned into a joint-stock enterprise in 1997.


The company occupies more than 50 acres, with total assets of 90 million yuan and more than 200 employees, including 96 engineering and technical personnel.


Various processing and testing equipment: 8 meters, 5 meters, 4 meters vertical lathes, 8 meters, 5 meters, 3.15 meters gear hobbing machine, 6 meters planer, precision boring machine, medium frequency quenching and other larger processing equipment and automatic welding, ultrasonic welding More than 300 sets of flaw detectors, W15-23 material testing machines, aging vibration devices, etc.


The main products are: various models and specifications of Jinma brand crushers, ball mills, classifiers, magnetic separators, dewatering screens, linear screens, screening machines, feeders, vertical roller mills, etc.

Among them, 17 products have obtained national patents. Among them, the crusher and ball mill have won many national honors.

The products are sold all over the country and exported to Russia, Mongolia, South Korea, Chile and other international markets.


We are a member of the China Heavy Machinery Association, a member of the Crushing and Grinding Association, a member of the Mining Machinery Association, and a member of the China Building Materials Machinery Association. We have participated in the formulation of a number of equipment manufacturing standards.


The company's principles are: First-class talents, First-class management, First-class machine, First-class quality, First-class honor.


Sincerely hope to reach friendly cooperation with you.


FAQ to save your precious time!


Q1: Hi, are you a mining machinery manufacturer?
Answer: Yes, we are a professional manufacturer of mining machine. Our company welcomes customers to visit our factory at any time.

Q2: How long is the warranty period of your equipment? Does your company provide spare parts?
Answer: The warranty period of our machine is one year. For those wearing parts, we guarantee to provide high-quality parts for a long time.

Q3: How long does it take to deliver?

Answer: Production usually starts after receiving the advance payment. Small machine is guaranteed to be delivered within one month. Large-scale machine is guaranteed to be delivered within 2-3 months.

Q4: Do you provide machine operation guidance?

Answer: Yes. We have professional engineers for installation, commissioning and operation guidance.

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Tel: +8613691357977

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